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Homepage: ?

Listed Currencies:
  • BTC
  • USD
  • ILS
  • LTC

Start Date: 2013-04-24

Headquarters: ???

  • Zvi ben Yaakov

Contact Info: ???

Tags: little info


Very little is known about the Payroutes XRP gateway including the location of operation or major actors in managing its day to day affairs. Trying to connect to and access the website results in a timeout and there is little to no information elsewhere on the WWW.

A forum post to lists the issuing address as being for Ripple Israel whose website also times out. A forum post in from the user "PayRoutes" on 03/05/14 claims that "RippleIsrael was one of the first 10 gateways ever to begin providing service on the Ripple Network" and the name of "RippleIsrael" has been changed to "PayRoutes".


As of 06/25/2018 10:00:00 (EST), Payroutes has issued the following obligations on the XRP network:

  • BTC: -85.129
  • BTX: -1.0
  • EGD: -0.0
  • EUR: -1,758,148.885
  • ILS: -7,351,146.616
  • LTC: -1,764.188
  • NMC: -1,187.476
  • PPC: -1,280.208
  • USD: -883,677.408
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