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Ripple Singapore

Homepage: (defunct)

Listed Currencies:
  • USD
  • XAU
  • XAG
  • SGD

Start Date: 2014-01-25

Headquarters: ??? (Singapore)

Actors: ???

Contact Info: ???

Tags: defunct, precious metals


Ripple Singapore was a gateway launched in 2014 with the intent to issue gold and silver backed IOUs on the XRP Ledger. The gateway shutdown in the last quarter of 2016 due to severed ties with their backing bank (according to forum posts). According to public outreach materials, existing clients were instructed to repiarate their deposited funds via a specified manner.

Activation: The issuing address was activated by:

As of 06/25/2018 10:00:00 (EST), Ripple Singapore has issued the following obligations on the XRP network:

  • SGD: -3,586.119
  • USD: -1,330.936
  • XAG: -51.799
  • XAU: -3.186
  • XPT: -0.122
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